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Single Family Home, Condo, Manufactured Home, Beach Bungalow, and other home watch services to homeowners in Manatee/Sarasota County.


Regular home watch inspections, protect your investment and minimizes damage caused by utilities, appliances, insects or mildew. Home Condo Watch will recognize any potential problems and help you expedite the resolution.

Basic Home Inspection
A.        Weekly
B.        Bi-Weekly

Home Interior
  • Check that all doors and windows are properly secure
  • Visual inspection for signs of mold and mildew
  • Check for visible water leaks in the home
  • Visually check AC units for leaks and proper working condition
  • Check for obvious damage to the interior of the house
  • Check ceilings for evidence of water damage
  • Visual inspections for signs of insects and rodents
  • Run the garbage disposal
  • Flush toilets
  • Run water in sinks and showers
  • Check alarm system to make sure it is armed and the house is secured
Home Exterior
  • Visual inspection of the exterior wall, roof, and windows.
  • Monitor lawn care services
  • Monitor pool maintenance services
  • Check for obvious damage to the exterior of the house
  • Check mailbox
  • Pick up newspapers and flyers
  • Check front door for packages, door hangers, notes, etc.

Auto Watch - Home Condo Watch not only protects your home but all your prized possessions. We offer basic inspection for your car, to include: * Visual inspection, car starting, and operation.
Short-Term Home Watch/Deliveries - In a hurry or just can't be there, Home Condo Watch offers the solution. We are there to meet deliveries or contractors/repairmen and will lock-up when they're done.
Home Preparation - Arrival/Departure - Don't dread the thought of opening up your home upon your return. Let Home Condo Watch do it for you. We'll turn down the A/C, arrange for cleaning, open storm shutters, and even stock your refrigerator! Or have fresh flowers to greet you. Whatever your needs. And no fretting when you leave. Let us close up and secure your home for your next visit.
Hurricane Watch - Home Condo Watch provides services specifically to protect your home before and after a hurricane. Prior, we’ll arrange for storm shutters to be installed, all outdoor items secured and a photo will be taken when completed. After we’ll arrange for shutters to be removed, outdoor items replaced, property inspected and assessed and photos taken.
Cleaning Services - Whether for yourself or your guests/ tenants, Home Condo Watch can arrange for your home to be cleaned, regularly or as needed.
Our List of Specialty Service Providers Include:
Pet Sitting and Services
Wind Mitigation Inspections
Pool Cleaning and Services
Window Cleaning Services
* All of our Specialty Service Providers are licensed and insured.

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